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We strongly believe that all children should have every opportunity to grow up knowing that they are important and unique individuals. We strive to help them develop confidence in their abilities and a sense of connectedness to their community by providing quality care and educational opportunities both within the program and within the community. We feel that a community raises a family and we are proud to provide opportunities where families will be offered education through availability of information and adult parenting programs to help support them and their children in this wonderful journey of life.

Tiny Twisters Child Care Center strives to provide quality, affordable child care opportunities that are accessible our community, to children of teenage mothers and children involved in the early intervention pre-school program. Tiny Twisters Child Care Center is committed to being an active participant in promoting a society and community where children and their families are provided with optimal opportunities to learn, develop and grow to ensure a lifetime of health, safety, independence, happiness and personal success.

Our stimulating age-appropriate environments are designed to provide a multitude of rich learning experiences that facilitate personal growth. From blocks to books, puppets to paper, to imaginative play areas and musical instruments, there are endless assortments of activities that engage the children's interest and stimulate their minds. There are extensive opportunities for experiential learning to take place both in and out of the classroom during large and small group activities as well as during solitary play. There are many opportunities to be creative and practice social interaction skills and problem solving skills as they interact with their peers in many of the thematic and free play areas found in the classroom.

We strongly believe that a community raises a family and we are excited to be a part of each of our families lives.