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Emergent Curriculum is a non-traditional style of teaching; it lets children discover the world around them by encouraging them to explore life through their own interests. It is "child lead" learning as opposed to "teacher directed" learning. This type of learning instills independence in the children. Teachers should take on the role of "co-learners" instead of head teachers. The goal is to give the children have as many "hands on" experiences as possible.

"The educator's objective through this method of teaching is to nurture positive social skills, encourage creative problem solving, support the developmental growth of a child and build a solid foundation from which children can stand on during their life"


Tropical Treasures | 6 weeks - 1 year

Dancing Raindrops | 1 year - 2 years

Puddle Jumpers | 2 - 3 years

Hurricane Hunters | 3 years - 4 years

Mini Monsoons | 4 years - 5 years